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Roman Pospíšil
Roman Pospíšil
executive director of the company
He graduated from the Institute of Chemical Technology Prague (ICT), Technical Physical and Analytical Chemistry programme. In 1990, he won academic degree of Candidate of Sciences (Physical Chemistry) at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering. At the ICT he worked for years as an expert for statistic thermodynamics. In 1992 he worked as a visiting professor at the University of Guelph, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Canada. More than 10 years he was a software developer in the Sati a.s. company, responsible for business system development.
He likes to deal with up-to-date information technologies such as mobile applications, 3D visualization techniques, indoor location and navigation.
In 1999, a horse tossed him and he sustained severe spine injury; at present he is confined to a wheelchair. His main hobbies include breeding and training dogs and animal assisted therapy.