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2012 - 2021 Token Test, application for iPhone and iPad
Quantification of the receptive function and short-term verbal memory of aphasics, More ... iOS SDK
2020 - 2021 Varistar, mobile application Varistar One
Terminál Varistar One for data transfer and application technology management. More ... Android SDK
2016 ShowGuider, mobile application KBG 2016
The official application for Kamikaze Bike Games at Mammoth Mountain, CA. The app covered almost the entire resort, with extremely accurate GPS-mapped race courses and a race results feature. Xamarin.Forms
2016 CZ Help, mobile application
Mobile application CZ Help is designed to support the czech citizens in difficult situations, especially outside the Czech Republic. Actual version is dedicated exclusively for the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics. Quick call for help, practical guidelines on travel, map and important contacts for each situation. Xamarin.Forms
2016 ShowGuider, mobile application Mammoth MX
The official application for Mammoth Motocross 2016. Access all the information for visitors, with full schedule, race results, social media feeds and news from the organisers. Features an interactive 3D map of the track area and town with GPS navigation. Xamarin.Forms
2015 ShowGuider, mobile application GITEX 2015
The official application for leading ICT event in the Middle East. GITEX is organised by the Dubai World Trade Centre and attracted 4 200 exhibitors and 146 000 attendees from 144 countries in 2015. Xamarin.Android
2015 ShowGuider, mobile application KBG 2015
The official application for Kamikaze Bike Games at Mammoth Mountain, CA. The app covered almost the entire resort, with extremely accurate GPS-mapped race courses and a race results feature. Xamarin.Android
2015 Cork Institute of Technology, Energy Dashboard GUI Service Tool
Consultancy services to design and develop Energy Dashboard GUI Service Tool Xamarin.Android
2015 ShowGuider, mobile application Sea Otter
The world’s biggest cycling festival is held at Monterey, CA each year. Xamarin.Android
2015 Secar Bohemia, mobile application Log book
Log book using Škoda Smart Gate Apache Cordova
Android SDK
2014 - 2015 ShowGuider, mobile application
Mobile event application Android SDK
2012 - 2013 Cork Institute of Technology, mobile application MapUme
3D venue model, indoor location and navigation Android SDK
2012 - 2013 SentClip, mobile application
Service enabling watch offline video from selected channel Symbian C++
2012 - 2015 AdFinance, module for calculating insurance
Calculation of car and travel insurance Microsoft Visual Studio, C#
Microsoft SQL
2012 AdFinance, mobile application for call center support
Android SDK
2011 - 2012 Patria Finance, Patria Online Application for Android, iPhone and Symbian
Investment news, hot news, major events, stocks, economy, currency and rates, commodities
Online stock quotes, indices, currencies, rates, commodities
View favorite titles
Search, view details, including graphs
Android SDK
Symbian C++, Qt
2011 Slevomat, Slevomat Application
View discounts by region
View detail discounts
Login to your account
Order a voucher
Java ME
2011 Čepro, Desktop Application Gas Stations
Gas stations coverage in a given location
Export the results in different data formats
Microsoft Visual Studio, C#
Ovi Maps
2011 T-Mobile, mWallet Application
Programming on the project of electronic wallet Java ME
2011 Azet.sk, Pokec.sk Application
Quick and secure login to the most popular social portal in Slovak Republic www.pokec.sk. Multiple nickname management and PIN security protection. Java ME
2010 - 2012 Roaming Guard Pro Service
Mobile solution Roaming Guard Pro is designed for companies which wish to control fees for internet access and mobile communication for their employees. User-friendly service Roaming Guard Pro controls data connection and enables administrators to regulate access to those connections remotely in individual mobile devices. Microsoft ASP
Microsoft SQL
Symbian C++
2010 - 2012 Roaming Guard Application
Roaming Guard monitors the application access to the internet and, according to selected settings, enables or denies this access. Access may be controlled for individual items shown in the application's main window, depending on used applications. Symbian C++
2010 Electronic Tickets and Bonus Vouchers, project for SIMagine 2010
Specify data types and data elements, including their binary representation, of the general electronic tickets and bonus vouchers.
Compose general, secure and open solution for handling electronic tickets and bonus vouchers based on SIM cryptographic techniques and NFC technology including all procedures required for their retrieving, reading, management and applying via available channels.
Java ME
Java Card
2009 - 2012 Black & White Guard Application
Protects your confidential data and your privacy. Black & White Guard for phone numbers in the White List cleans up and hides in the Safe all information about calls, SMS and delivery messages. For phone numbers in the Black List rejects undesirable and troublesome phone calls and deletes text messages. Symbian C++
2007 - 2014 Telefónica O2, SMSender Service
SMSender Service provides sending and receiveing both SMS and MMS from PC connected to the Internet. The service encompasses an individual application, Add-In for Microsoft Outlook, tool bar and context menu for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape Navigator, Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook Express.
Supported operational systems: Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 2003, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows Millenium, Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition.
Browsers supported: Internet Explorer 6.0 a vyšší, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 a vyšší, Netscape Navigator 9.0 a vyšší.
Microsoft Outlook versions supported: Microsoft Outlook 2010, Microsoft Outlook 2007, Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook XP a Microsoft Outlook 2000.
Microsoft Office versions supported: Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office XP a Microsoft Office 2000.
Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, C++, JavaScript
2006 - 2008 Telefónica O2, Meeting Asistent Application
Meeting Asistent application allows the answering of the telephone even in situations where the customer cannot accept an incoming call, for example during a meeting, when driving the car etc. Simply by the push of a button the customer answers the incoming call by means of a voice message or an SMS. Symbian C++
2006 Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, Data collection and its summary
Software enabling data collection shaped in the form of common sheet and its summary within sector framework of a statistical survey. That application supports to process any users’ definable sheet. Microsoft Visual FoxPro
2005 Ness (Logos), Remote configuration of mobile phones
Tool supports industry standard specifications from Nokia, Ericsson a Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), providing a single interface for provisioning of OTA configurable service settings: WAP CSD, WAP GPRS, Internet GPRS, MMS GPRS, POP3 GPRS, IMAP4 GPRS, SyncML. Microsoft Visual Studio, C#
2005 Ness (Logos), GSM Module
Gateway for sending and receiving SMS messages via one or more GSM modems or phones connected to a serial port or to a USB port. Microsoft Visual Studio, C#
Members of the development team have have, for a long time, participated in development of the specialized business system for the Sati, a.s., securities trading company, member of the Prague Stock Exchange.
2004 Mobile network J2ME application for securities trading via mobile phone
Online information on trading at the Prague Stock Exchange and in the RM System and securities trading via client’s mobile phone. J2ME, ASP, VB, Microsoft SQL
2004 Module for technical analysis of securities
Technical analysis of securities quotations, including user reports. Microsoft SQL
2002 - 2003 Client section within the trading system
Client part of the database business and information system, information concerning trading on the Prague Stock Exchange and RM System, registration of clients. Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Crystal Reports
2001 Internet trading system
Internet and WAP information and business system for securities trading. HTML, ASP, VB, Java, Microsoft SQL
2000 Communication module for trading on the Prague Stock Exchange
Communication module for a business and information system regarding trading on the Prague Stock Exchange. Microsoft SQL
1997 - 1999 Server section within the trading system
Server part of the database business and information system, information concerning trading on the Prague Stock Exchange and RM System, registration of securities traders, communication with the Prague Stock Exchange and RM System. Microsoft SQL
1996 Internet trading system
The first internet information and business system for securities trading in the Czech Republic. HTML, FoxPro
1993 - 1996 Business and information system
Database business and information system, information concerning trading on the Prague Stock Exchange and RM System, registration of securities traders. FoxPro